FIFA U-17 World Cup: New Zealand’s land begins with weather worries on the brain

FIFA U-17 World Cup

New Zealand’s Under-17 coach Daniel Hayes has mentioned the early arrival of his team in India for the FIFA U-17 World Cup, which he believes will work as a deterrent for other participants. .

The New Zealand team arrived here on September 22, which happened two weeks before the World Cup – he accepted the difference in temperature in temperature.

New Zealand, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, claims average temperatures between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius in winter; And the present temperature in Mumbai is at least 15 degrees higher.

“We know that we are going to take some time to do this and this is its reality. The heat and humidity are going to be effective, but if I am honest, then it will be for all the teams.”

New Zealand qualified for the World Cup behind the title of its continental (Oceania Football Confederation) in Tahiti during the start of this year. In the case of Tahiti, in the case of moisture, India is somewhat similar. And Kiwi domination in Tahiti, who won him five matches, there was some increase in favor of the green.

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“We had a qualifying campaign in Tahiti, which had the same conditions here – high heat and humidity. We have proved that we can perform in those circumstances, but this is definitely the World Cup and the players we are growing up Their quality is a major factor, “all the former White Captains have revealed

Hez also mentioned that the second major reason for his initial arrival was to ensure that his team got enough time to train together.

“The other thing is that our players get together and try and give them some good quality games under their belt, because the reality is that compared to some other countries that might possibly be in the tournament, we often Do not see, “his team on 28 September, 1 October, in two warm-up matches

“Geographically, it is difficult and difficult to bring players together. We do not have such a national base or academy like that, so we like the chance to bring together the players.”


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