Great Khali fight against 3 international wrestlers in CWE

Great Khali

New Delhi: Known as Indian wrestler Dilip Singh Rana or The Great Khali, he successfully won the fight against three international wrestlers in Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) on Wednesday, which took place in Panipat, Haryana.

Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) is an Indian Independent Business Wrestling Promotion and Training School, which is located in Jalandhar, Punjab. It was launched on November 24, 2015 by former WWE Superstar and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali.

After leaving WWE, Khali started her professional wrest promotion in 2015 in India. The first two incidents took place in Haldwani and Dehradun on 24 and 28 February 2016, respectively.

Panipat (Haryana): The Great Blind Contestant Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) competes against three international wrestlers
– ANI (@Ni_News) 12 October 2016

Earlier in the day, Khali had suffered losses due to some foreign wrestlers causing their wrestling academy to fire on Saturday.

In the video, Khali infiltrated the hotel room in Chandigarh, where the wrestlers had to live. He also defeated the other wrestler with Canadian wrestler Brody Steele and Rod.

According to the report, some foreign wrestlers, including some women wrestlers, had also entered the vacant academy and destroyed their property. The wrestlers also wore the wrestlers of the academy.

It was believed that the wrestling competition in Gurgaon was considered to be the cause of the woes of the wrestlers to postpone the competition.


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