Has Pakistan started playing with 2018 hockey World Cup?

2018 Hockey

Although it is more than a year for the Hockey World Cup to be held in Bhubaneswar, but the aim of the game between all stakeholders, the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has started the first hockey firing with its team participation in the fourth race.

Pakistan Hockey Federation president Khalid Khokar raised these issues during a recent meeting with India’s FIH president Narinder Batra in Dubai and claimed that FIH and Hockey India have given specific assurance on security and visas.

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However, the FIH claimed on Wednesday that they have not received any contact with Pakistan or any other member association, who express concerns about security or demand any assurance regarding their involvement in the 2018 World Cup. is.

In response to questions sent by Hindustan Times last week, FIH communications manager Daniel Parker said that Pakistan has not raised any concern and therefore there is no issue for issuing any assurance regarding security and visa to the PFF.


Is it true that some FIH members have expressed concern about the 2018 World Cup in Bhubaneswar on security and other issues?

We have not got any concern from any of our member organizations

Is it true that Pakistan has raised this issue because its team is eligible for the 2018 World Cup, it is considered that there is no bilateral relationship with India?

We have not received any correspondence with Pakistan about this matter.

Has the FIH given any assurance to Pakistan about its participation in the World Cup?

Without any concerns, there is no need to give any assurances. We hope that each nation that is eligible for the World Cup will fulfill all the necessary paperwork to confirm their involvement in this program.

Did the FIH demand any assurance from the Hockey India and the Indian government about the teams participating in the 2018 World Cup, especially in the last year for the FIH Junior World Cup for men in Lucknow had to replace the FIH of Pakistan?

Pakistan did not participate in men’s Uttar Pradesh Hockey Junior World Cup as the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) did not confirm that they had the necessary arrangements to participate in the event. To remind you, they applied for the visa for this incident after the official deadline and no housing was confirmed within the stipulated time.

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Despite many correspondence and reminder, the PHF was not able to show that his team would be able to travel to Lucknow for the incident. As we do with all our happenings, we will remind all qualified teams to provide necessary paperwork to confirm their cooperation before deciding the deadline for next year’s World Cup in Bhubaneswar.

It is evident from Parker’s reaction that Pakistan has not raised any issues with regards to security and visa with FIH or Hockey India, but its president has gone to the city on this issue, threatening to withdraw the team. .

The FIH has also made it clear that the PHF should be blamed for the team from the Junior World Cup in Lucknow last year, not in other ways.

By raising the issue of security and visa for more than a year, PHF is building a case in the case of Hockey India and FIH being convicted for failure to send their team to Bhubaneswar on the door.


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