Highlights on Japan Open Badminton: Srikanth progressed with PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal out

Japan Open badminton highlights

In Tokyo’s $ 325,000 Japan Open Super Series badminton, PV Sindhu defeated Nojomi Okhura in straight games in the second round of the women’s singles. It was his ninth career meeting and now Nojomi takes the lead of 5-4, Saina Nehwal, out of the defeat at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, straight away from the Olympic Champion Carolina Marin. Kidambi Srikanth and HS Prannoy won the men’s singles quarter-finals, while Sameer Verma lost in the second round. Get the highlight of the Japan Open Supercars Badminton here. (India vs Australia 2 ODI Live Update | Live Scorecard)

15:45 am IST: Hope you enjoy our coverage. Thank you.

15:40 am: Kidambi Srikanth and HS Prannoy do their business in the men’s singles on Friday, but it will be Pranav, Jerry Chopra and N Sikki Reddy who will take part in the last eight in mixed doubles.

15:35 am: Four Indian Quarter finals tomorrow

15:30 pm IST: Okay that from today it is that.

15:25 am IST: And it’s over! Saina lost to Carolina 16-21, 13-21!

15:21 am IST: Carolina is on the verge of victory

15:19 pm IST: Saina scores points for doubles, trails 10-17

15:16 am IST: Carlya is clearly pulling away and Saina can not do much to come back

15: 13 am IST: And Carolina made a lead of 11-7 on the mini-break!

15:11 pm IST: Marion is running again! Five straight points move forward 9-6

15:10 am IST: Marin took the lead 7-6 for the FIR in this game

15:09 AM IST: It looks like this game is going to wires

15:07 am IST: Carolina again closed the gap of 4-4!

15:05 AM IST: Saina has climbed 3-1 in the second game

15:03 AM IST: Bring game to 2!

15:00 am IST: Saina saved one, but Carolina shut the game on its second chance for a score of 21-16

15:00 am IST: In fact six straight points for Spand and they are at the point of the game!

14:59 am IST: Four straight points for Carolina and that’s ahead!

14:57 am IST: It has neck and neck accessories from both the former World No. 1

14: 12 am IST: Marine is not letting Saina escape with it and she has closed in 14!

14:52 AM: Five consecutive points for Saina before deferred for Carolina!

14:49 am IST: With a spectacular win from the sauna, to win three straight points and take the lead of 11-9!

14:45 am IST: But Saina is not easily leaving!

14:44 am IST: Spanish politician Olympic champions are moving slowly!

14:41 am IST: It’s just neck and neck between the two rivals!

14:39 am IST: Saina Nehwal has achieved the first match of the match!

14:38 am IST: Now two girls are getting hot!

14:37 am IST: Saina and Carolina are in court!

14:25 am IST: The biggest match between Saina and Carolina was the 2015 World Badminton Championship where Spand won directly in the game

14:22 am IST: Now we are not far from the match.

14:15 am IST: It’s going to be another exciting competition yet

14:02 am IST: Saina’s last win against Carolina was in Dubai in December 2015 during the SuperSaF Finals

13:57 am: The last time was in Indonesia twice, when Caroline had beaten Saina straight into the game

13:55 am IST: However, this will be their first meeting in 2017

13:50 am IST: Saina Nehwal leverages more than 4-3 in career meetings at Spandard

13:46 am IST: Eight meeting between Saina Nehwal and Carolina Marin will be held

13:35 [IST] Saina Nehwal will play her female singles in the second round against her fifth seeded Carolina Mirine

13:27 am IST: Saina Nehwal remains the last remaining Indian in the day’s game.

13:25 am IST: In the end, local player Nozomi Okhura is the fourth seeded PV. Sindhu beat 21-18, 21-8 in 47 minutes.

13:23 am IST: It is the second time in nine meetings between Indus and Nozomi that the match ends in the game directly

13:21 am IST: And he has lost it! Sindhu went down 18-21, 8-21 to Nozomi!

13:16 am IST: Nozomi Okura completely demolished PV Sindhu is another game!

13:14 am IST: This match is going away from the Indus! It is below 5-14

13:10 am IST: Pranav Jerry Chopra and N Sikki Reddy beat Japanese Yuki Yuki Kanakeo and Kohoru Yonmoto 21-13, 21-17 in 32 minutes to enter the mixed doubles quarterfinals.

13:08 am IST: At 9-3, in the second game there is a big lead of Nosomi and clearly in the driver’s seat

13:06 AM IST: Nozomi is running away from another game

13:04 am IST: Sindhu hit a six in the second game, but Nojomi won a point to expand his winning momentum.

13:02 am IST: PV Sindhu is below 0-3 in the second game! He will now need to fight or all will be lost

12:59 pm IST: What a battle! Okhara has won five straight points from 18-21 to win the first game 21-18!

12:12 am IST: Okhura won three straight points for lead in 19-18

12:12 pm IST: Stop it! This is 18-all!

12:55 am: It can be another epic contest yet


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