The real possibility of running for the American President is: Actor Dwayne Johnson

US President is real possibility

The former wrestler and now an actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson said on Wednesday that he is running for the country’s highest office is a real possibility.

He said, “I think this is a real possibility,” he said in an interview with GQ, when asked when he would run for the President of the United States anytime.

Johnson, who had said that he did not vote for President Donald Trump or Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, said: “Personally, I think it would be important to be polite if I was the President. Take responsibility for everyone, “he said.

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He said about those people who disagreed with them.

“I will really join them. The first thing that we do, we come and sit and we talk about it.”

In the upcoming film ‘Biyawatch’, star Johnston said that he thinks he would do better work to bring people together than the current president.


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