Pakistan won’t play Hockey

New Delhi: In view of the current political scenario, Pakistan’s involvement in FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup in 2018 is in danger. Although the World Cup in Odisha is more than a year, the Pakistan Hockey Federation has demanded that their team get Indian visa on time and guarantees complete security.

As soon as cricket, India and Pakistan continue to play in multi-team international tournaments, India defeated Pakistan twice in the FIH Hockey League semifinal in London in June and will face again once again in Dhaka during the Asia Cup in October. But Pakistan’s involvement in the World Cup is still unclear.

In an interview with Hindustan Times in June this year, PHF general secretary Shahbaz Ahmed said that how the failure to play a bilateral series has harmed Asian hockey. Both India versus Pakistan matches were stuck in full houses in London in June.

“It is a pain to see how the climate of politics has harmed the game. Look at the harmony between the cricketers of India and Pakistan, it can be the same in Hockey,” said Shahbaz.

Khalid Khokar, president of the Pakistan Hockey Federation, threatened Friday that he will not send his national team in India for the assurance of stupid security and easy purchase of visas next year.

The PHF President told the media that in a recent meeting with FIH President Narinder Batra in Dubai, he had made it clear that during the World Cup in India, Pakistan’s team should be given top security guarantee.

“We had a very good meeting because we had told all our concerns to Batra and other FIH member boards. I have made it clear that we want to assure the FIH that we should not face any problem with the purchase of visa and Top security will be given during this incident. “Khokar claimed that he is Batra, who is also the owner of Hockey India.

In a dialogue with Hindustan Times, FIH communications manager Daniel Parker said that Pakistan has not raised any concern and therefore has not issued any assurances regarding security and visa to the PFF.


“Without any concerns, there is no need to give any assurance. We hope that every country, which qualifies for the World Cup, will fulfill all the necessary paperwork to confirm its participation in this event,” Parker said. Said in an email

In the past, Batra has expressed his reluctance to play hockey with Pakistan on 18th June, when India clashed with Pakistan in the Hockey League semi-final, then the team led by Manpreet Singh on the Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir To show his opposition to the attack, the black grave was set.

India’s black armband protest was not good with international teams and Batra apologized for commenting on India-Pakistan relations on social media.

In recent times, the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad had last year issued a visa to the Pakistan team for the Junior World Cup in Lucknow.

FIH has clarified that Pakistan has not fulfilled official obligations to protect India visa.

“Pakistan did not participate in men’s Uttar Pradesh Hockey Junior World Cup as the Pakistan Hockey Federation failed to confirm that they had the necessary arrangements to be able to participate in the event. , They applied for visas after the official deadline and no housing was confirmed within the prescribed time limit, “Parker wrote .

The FIH officer said: “Despite many correspondence and reminder, the PHF was not able to show that his team would be able to travel to Lucknow for this incident. As we do with all our happenings, we will be next in Bhubaneswar Before deciding the deadline for the World Cup of the year, all the qualified teams will be reminded of the necessary paperwork to confirm their cooperation. ”

(With the input from B. Srikanth)


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