With East Bengal Mohan Bagan, Quarter with the eighth straight Calcutta Football League

East Bengal Mohan Bagan

East Bengal finished the record for the eighth consecutive season for the Kolkata football league to play Mohan Bagan on Sunday before 2-2 in the Kolkata derby before the end of the season, which ended with 10 players on the pitch in both the teams.

Kolkata veterans secured 23 points from nine points, but East Bengal gave an initial Durga Puja gift to their fans on the basis of a better goal difference (+21 to 15). Guardian of East Bengal, Gurvinder Singh is the only player who has been a part of all eight campaigns.

For the first time since the East Bengal title in 1995, it was for the first time that the goal of the 119 year competition was decided by goal difference. It was the title of 39th league of East Bengal.

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Early domination by plantation

Trinidad and Tobago’s defender Carlyle Mitchell gave Mohan Bagan a chance to score a magnificent goal in the fourth minute. In the 43rd minute, East Bengal equalized through Lladmania Ralta, who decided the most valuable player of the match. Mohan Bagan went ahead when Mitchell threw Kamo Bei and Anjumana Korma fought the penalty in the 49th minute. East Bengal scored a penalty after Mohammed Bagan’s goalkeeper Shilton Paul was 65th in the wrong place after Mahmood al-Amna’s penalty after 2-2.

In the 82nd minute, Mohan Bagan captain Kingchuk Debnath was shown a red card for the second booking; After a cynical challenge on Willis Plaza, a dishonest on the option Surubuddin Mulik did it first caution. Debnath remained on the pitch with the ringtone Ranjit Bakshi and he reportedly appreciated this decision. In the 86th minute, after leading Chesterpole Lyngdoh for a second booking, Surbuddin Mulik himself saw the red. He was on the pitch for all eight minutes

Excited by the initial strike, Mohan Bagan used the width of Kanchanughaha Stadium pitch and could score again in the first quarter through Kamo Bei, but his effort was threw away. Azharuddin Mulik joined the heart of East Bengal’s defense but it could not be counted, his artwork was lacking in the direction of the shot. Bayey came closer in the 34th minute but East Bengal goalkeeper Luis Barre removed his shot. From the other corner it got kicked that Mohan Bagan was wasted in the first half.

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Mohan Bagan had also kept al-Amna silent and who had contributed in East Bengal, he stood in the opposition half. Syrian Media’s first remarkable contribution came in 33 minutes, but his shot was saved by Paul. Within a minute, East Bengal examined twice in the rescue of Mohun Bagan.

It was the next time that East Bengal had equalized through a free-kick, which had tampered with it several hours of practice. Gabriel Fernandes ran his free-kick wide and Lalramchullova followed it. By the time he had squandered, the defense of Mohun Bagan was in complete dispute and Ralte taped at home in an empty circle.

Between the second half, though it was a bay, which could make it a memorable first Calcutta derby, but was stunned after the Corma Flick. It was in the 51st minute. After that, the only goal was on the other end when Al-Amna consumed a penalty in 65th minute after a hasty trip to Raelal Fernandes rally.

It was enough to be the Calcutta Football League champions for East Bengal. It also meant that coach Khalid Jamil was now another title after winning the I-League for Aisol FC.


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